Hello, Planet

Monday was my first day at Planet. I suspect most of my readers know a bit about the company. For those of you that don't, Planet operates several constellations (fleets) of satellites and sells imagery of the Earth captured by the telescopes and imaging systems carried on the spacecraft. Landsat 8, the US government's global imaging satellite revisits a place on Earth every 16 days, and will be joined by Landsat 9, reducing the revisit time to 8 days. The European Space Agency's pair of Sentinel-2 satellites revisit every 5 days. Planet's constellation of Dove cubesats revisit every place on Earth every day. It's a unique dataset. And one that is complemented by another constellation of satellites that can be programmed to focus on specific areas of interest. I've been a customer and user of this kind of imagery for years; it's going to be fun to switch to the other side. My position is "Senior Staff Engineer" and my home team is Developer Relations, led by Sara Safavi. I'll be on the services side, not the spacecraft side, of a talented team, doing a mix of familiar things at a new level, unfamiliar things, and things that have never been done before.