Mapbox updates French imagery

Three years ago I took a houseboat trip on the Canal du Midi. Back at home, I wrote:

Mapbox's imagery of Capestang, a village on the canal, is out of date. We (I work on the team that makes the satellite basemap) will update it, but until we do it affords a look at the way things used to be on the canal. Below you see that the canal in the village was bordered by huge shade trees. You can also see that some of them to the right of Capestang's newer metal bridge are completely dead.

We've done it; we did update the map and Capestang is appropriately deforested. The city is less green, which is sad, but more accurate, which is good. The new imagery was acquired by camera from a plane on June 20, 2018 and made available under an Open Data license by the French Institut national de l’information géographique et forestière (IGN).

You can see the updated imagery in the maps embedded in my older blog post and in this larger version. More details about the update are available on the Mapbox blog.