School open house night part 2

Whew! Another long school open house evening in the books. Bea and I spent 2 hours at one of the middle schools we're considering. It's her first choice because of friends. I know two teachers there, but I'd never been in the building before.

There's an LGBTQIA+ organization at the school and a very fun and smart group of kids representing it with a table and poster in the school gym right next to Science Olympiad and Chess Club. Fully supported by the staff as far as I could tell. Fort Collins is a bit behind the curve, but seems to be catching up.

The 6th grade Language Arts (English, we used to say) teachers are trying some new stuff that seems cool and very likely to engage my daughter. They are teaching as a team in a combined classroom. Lectures are out. Discussion and role-playing are in.

I was ambivalent about this school going in, but the staff impressed me. I'm glad I went.

Another highlight is that dinner was made for us while we were out. One of our family's standard easy dinners is pasta with a vegetable like cauliflower, potatoes, or green beans – blanched in the same pot – tossed with pesto. Arabelle nailed it.