End of Soccer Season

Today my kids played the last games of their 8-week season. I enjoyed watching them and their buddies play, but I'm also happy to get my Saturdays back.

I didn't coach this season. I did help by playing the role of team manager and custodian of the all-important snack schedule for my oldest's U12 team. I made a spreadsheet, emailed reminders on Thursdays, bought her coach a gift card and shook all the parents down for contributions. In my experience this is a job that's always been picked up by a player's mother, part of the semi-mandatory free labor we require from moms. As far as I know, I'm the first dad to ever do this.

My kids (girls, remember) were coached by women this year, a first for each of them. My oldest's coach was very experienced, my youngest's was in her first season. I hope they'll each return and that we'll see more women coaching youth soccer around here in the future.