Blog Makeover

The feature I need most in a static site generator right now is incremental builds. Regenerating the hundreds of existing posts on my site has become a barrier to posting often. I'm trying Nikola and am satisfied so far. With each new post there are still a number of files to be regenerated – the index page and feed, pages and feeds for tags I've used – but the write, preview, publish cycle feels much faster.

Syndication feeds for the tags I use is a feature I gave up in 2013 when I quit blogging on Zope, but they're back thanks to Nikola. See and for example.

I'm using "work" and "life" tags to make it easier to subscribe to posts that are mainly about programming and spatial data processing or posts that are mainly about food, running, and being a temporary resident of France. This doesn't mean that I'm making my work feed a safe space for people who don't want to hear about workplace diversity, climate change, and politics or that there won't be any posts about maps and computing in my lifestyle feed.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope the changes work for you, too.