Steady as she goes

Standards organizations are increasingly interested in the little format that could and if is any indication it's likely that you'll be seeing more mention of GeoJSON and GeoJSON-LD in OGC and W3C materials soon. However, the GeoJSON working group (for which I'm speaking in just this and the following sentence), is going to keep its own independent course. Work on the GeoJSON Internet Draft will continue to be done at and on the GeoJSON discussion list.

Now, Mapbox has recently joined the OGC and I've subsequently received emails from OGC members seeking discussion of GeoJSON. This is exactly the thing that I want to avoid and I will decline to do so outside of the GeoJSON venues I listed above. I hope you will, too, because discussions of GeoJSON on closed OGC technical committee lists or private emails with other OGC members aren't going to do the GeoJSON format, I-D, or users any good. GeoJSON is for the open web. Let's continue to tend it on the open web.