Joining MapBox

As announced on the company blog, I'm now working at MapBox. I'm excited about this. I'm more than excited. My 8 year-old thinks she knows what excitement is, but dear child, this is something else. Working on bigger things with all the talented and thoughtful folks at MapBox is going to be fun.

Is the transition from academic to commerical work going to be hard? I've worked at fast-paced companies before – experience that definitely factored into my being hired by the AWMC – and I'm happy to be back in this environment. And because I'll be continuing to work on open source geospatial software, data, and protocols, I feel like my favorite academic communities win from having me on the mersh side of things.

What am I going to be working on? A bunch of different things, but my near future involves pixels. Gazillions of pixels. MapBox uses Shapely and Fiona already, so I'll get to stay involved with those projects.

Will I be moving to Washington, D.C. or San Francisco? No, I'm mainly going to work from Fort Collins, but I'll be at one of the offices regularly. I hope to persuade people that the Fort wouldn't be a terrible place to visit for sprints, either. Relatively cheap accomodations and food and plenty of nice beers to meet.

Thanks, everyone, for the overwhelming congratulations.