April Snowstorm

The snow finally stopped this afternoon. I didn't measure like I feel like I should have, but I read that we received at least 50 cm of snow. That's unconsolidated snow depth. It's fairly dense and has now settled to a foot of firm snow. My youngest daughter lost a boot in the snow this morning and we were unable to find it. It'll show up in a week or so, I suppose.


We desperately needed this water, but I'm still a bit bummed about our salad greens and peas and almost-ready-to-bloom tulips crushed flat under the snow. We're fortunate that trees hadn't begun to leaf out yet and didn't collect enough snow or ice to have their branches broken.

A neat surprise at the end of the afternoon was finding a large mixed flock of Robin and Mountain Bluebird a few houses down the street. I've only seen a couple bluebirds in Fort Collins before, never an entire flock. What a time they picked to head to the hills.


The light was awkward and I'm a rank amateur photographer so I only captured just a fraction of the otherwordly blueness of these beautiful birds.