I can has my 15 minutes of Street View fame?

It's been a warm week here in the Fort. The snow is gone and the ground is a bit muddy. Wednesday, I rode my bike to the Pineridge Natural Area trailhead at Cottonwood Glen Park with the intent of running, but found the trail closed. I appreciate that the City is looking out for its trails, but was nonetheless a bit disappointed. Is it open today? I'd probably have to call to find out. If only there was something like a live StreetView so I could check if the gate is open or closed...

Which reminds me that last June I saw a Google StreetView car coming out of the parking lot at the south end of Overland Drive as I came down the Pineridge trail and through the gate. I reported at the time:

The sweaty guy in black with the blurry face running down from Pineridge in a future Street View update? Me.

So I checked and last summer's imagery is now live (I'm not sure when it was updated – my neighborhood's imagery is from August, and probably wasn't the last to be driven, so maybe only quite recently). The sweaty closeups of me are mercifully omitted (Overland dead ends here and there must have been double coverage as the car drove in and back out) but I am clearly visible walking back to my bike as the StreetView car leaves.

Oh, and I have my Twitter archive, too, which is how I tracked down that old post.