Libspatialindex 1.8.0 released

Good bye, LGPL. Hello, MIT (and iOS). Howard Butler writes:

I'm pleased to announce the release of libspatialindex 1.8.0. Two significant changes have been made in this release to necessitate incrementing the libtool versioning. The first exciting change is the license of libspatialindex was changed from LGPL 2.1 to MIT. This licensing change is to support the use of libspatialindex in embedded systems development situations (such as iOS) where dynamic linking to satisfy the LGPL is not possible for whatever reason. The second, more mundane change, is to add a flush() method to the IStorageManager to support saving the index in situations where you do not want to completely tear down the object. This is useful in situations where you are using libspatialindex on top of some other system and are providing your own index storage implementation.

Howard has also compiled Windows binaries: