Doing Web 1.0 better

Ed Summers has a lot of interesting and encouraging things to say about the Digital Public Library of America as a generative platform:

I was invited to talk very briefly (10 minutes) about Linked Data at the Amsterdam meeting. I think most everyone recognizes that a successful DPLA would exist in a space where there has been years of digitization efforts in the US, with big projects like the HathiTrust and countless others going on. I wanted to talk about how the Web could be used to integrate these collections. Rather than digging into a particular Linked Data solution to the problem of syncronization, I thought I would try to highlight how libraries could learn to do web1.0 a bit better.

It's tempting to jump directly from not-Web to "Web 2.0", but there's still heaps of value in the good old Web of cool URIs, links, and HTTP.