DH/Geo/LOD Workshop March 24, London

An upcoming workshop that I'd previously mentioned now has a page for signup.

The Pelagios workshop is an open forum for discussing the issues associated with and the infrastructure required for developing methods of linking open data (LOD), specifically geodata. There will be a specific emphasis on places in the ancient world, but the practices discussed should be equally applicable to contemporary named locations. The Pelagios project will also make available a proposal for a lightweight methodology prior to the event in order to focus discussion and elicit critique.

The one-day event will have 3 sessions dedicated to:

  1. Issues of referencing ancient and contemporary places online

  2. Lightweight ontology approaches

  3. Methods for generating, publishing and consuming compliant data

Each session will consist of several short (15 min) papers followed by half an hour of open discussion. The event is FREE to all but places are LIMITED so participants are advised to register early. This is likely to be of interest to anyone working with digital humanities resources with a geospatial component.


Perl+RDF Hackathon the week after

Author: Kjetil Kjernsmo

The week after, I'm organizing a

"Semantic Web with Perl hackathon" in London.

If any of the participants on the Pelagios workshop would be interested in contributing to advance the state-of-the-art of Perl tools to work on LOD, please let me know.