For 2011

A few of my goals, not resolutions, for 2011:

  • Improve my Vim skills.

  • Brush up on JavaScript programming. Don't get left behind on the server side.

  • Make some headway on a framework for analysis and inference of fuzzy and relative locations. Apply to Pleiades in particular.

  • Gain more experience with NLTK and text corpora and computational linguistics in general. Apply to Pleiades in particular.

  • Write more articles, particularly about the previous two goals.

  • Spend more time outside. I'm happier outside.

  • Introduce my kids to the Colorado Plateau.

  • Resume making beer at home. I've made almost 50 batches of beer, but none since 2004.

  • Maintain my French skills, mainly through music, movies, novels, bande dessinée; letters to friends, and to our French bank; and learning about tax refunds.

  • Dabble in charcuterie. Colorado is flowing over with good beer, but not so much with cured meat unless you count beef jerky.

  • Get more involved in the Fort Collins community.


Re: For 2011

Author: Chris

Great goals Sean - I particularly like the vim, javascript, and Colorado Plateau ones!

Have a good year, I'm sure we'll drink some beer at point this year.


Re: For 2011

Author: Bill

Great goals. As for the last one, you'll find that kids have a way of leading you into that. Enjoy your upcoming year!


Re: For 2011

Author: Norman

as for charcuterie, if you need your fix of saucisson, then Longmont Cheese Importers has the lot. I get my fix of english things from there (e.g. Plum Pudding) when we need to :) NLTK looks interesting.

Re: For 2011

Author: Gaurav


I keep visiting your blog as my research is close to what you are doing...was happy to see that there is Natural language processing (NLTK) involved in your work...i am also working with NLP tools and there are few goodone available as well GATE, Stanford CoreNLP can also be used...

Best wishes and Good luck for your goals!


Re: For 2011

Author: Adrià

As for the BD side, I'm sure you may already know them, but let me recommend you Christophe Blain (last one is brilliant: and Joan Sfaar ( I always enjoy their work.

Re: For 2011

Author: Sean

Thanks for the recommendations, Adrià. I recently read Sfar's "Chasseur-Cueilleur" and have been meaning to start on another series.