Sensors, things, and the Web

My readers are probably aware of the OGC's Sensor Web initiatives, but there's another, different vision of a "Web of Things" using the architecture and infrastructure of the actual web we have now (URIs, HTTP, Atom, JSON, HTML, Javascript) that's well articulated in this SXSW presentation by Vlad Trifa and Dominique Guinard (and also in their blog, via This week in REST) and in an associated technical report (PDF).


Re: Sensors, things, and the Web

Author: Miguel Montesinos

I deeply agree with the "Web of Things" vision. I don't think that's the "different vision", but one of the most likely visions to happen.

I'm involved in several similar European R&D projects and initiatives, and none of them cares about OGC's SWE, apart from what we are proposing.

SWE is quite powerful, but really complicated for becoming a backbone of the Internet of Things.