Linking UK data

I haven't seen any links from geospatial or GIS blogs to Jeni Tennison's excellent piece about the motivation for choosing the web's architecture as the architecture for the UK's open data initiative and for choosing linked data instead of the usual "services" that make up US data initiatives.


Because linked data is just a term for how to publish data on the web while working with the web. And the web is the best architecture we know for publishing information in a hugely diverse and distributed environment, in a gradual and sustainable way.

Read it and check out the links to tutorials about creating linked data.


Re: Linking UK data

Author: Ian Turton

I think that is because all the UK data is just text and excel tables. The OS will give up their data when it's pried from their cold dead fingers, and don't even think about geocoding via a postcode Royal Mail are even worse!


Re: Linking UK data

Author: Sean

GIS data, rasters excepted, is also largely tabular, wouldn't you say? What's a shapefile if not a table? GML allows different structures, but is less commonly used in that way, and the RDF model is equally suited for those special complex features cases.

Speaking of the OS, it may not giving away coordinates yet, but has interesting and possibly useful linked data at