What geo-intelligence failures?

Busy and having fun! And disgustingly glib about it. The GEOINT community either can't see or won't face its role in the past decade of bamboozlement:

Here we are on the precipice of a new decade. Where did this past decade go? They say time flies when you are having fun or really, really busy. For the GEOINT community, the past decade offered a mixture of both. Many believe, rightly so, that GEOINT came of age in this past decade. The confluence of technologies maturing, political/events (i.e. two wars) and natural disasters has created opportunities and challenges for both the private and public sector. And, as a result, we have seen both sides step up — creating solutions that are light years beyond what was happening ten years ago. And, as we have seen at the most recent GEOINT Symposiums, geospatial intelligence will continue to be the cornerstone for national defense. So, to this we would like to wish the entire GEOINT community a happy and prosperous New Years, as we head into another exciting decade.

The past decade was a slam dunk, baby!