I've learned that in German, there's a name for a disastrous string of characters, such as "REST endpoint", that insults human dignity: unwort. Yes, "REST endpoint" is two words in English, but it would be one in German. There's even an "Unword of the Year" website devoted to these entities (in German only). The level of negative meaning in "REST API" is almost as high.

Via @xrotwang.


Re: Unwords

Author: James Fee

OK, so what is RESTful in French?

Re: Unwords

Author: Sean

In French, the mec in the stock photo recliner would be having a sieste tranquille. Or, il glande. Depends on your frame of reference. French systems architects write "REST". What would a French standards body write? I don't know. Maybe "transport d'état aux representations"?

My point is that "REST endpoint" and "REST API" are unterms with negative meaning. Protracted use will probably result in brain damage.

BTW, loved your geodata site scraping anecdote. That takes me back.