Data blogging

The Map Butcher writes:

The deadline for the CCIP is approaching and I’ve been lurking on the announcement list and was really interested in this great little application which provides sensor data via Sensor Observation Services. I think the reason that I like this site so much is that it paints a really clear picture of sensor web enablement, and it’s an effective presentation of cross agency data.

It is indeed a neat app, but color me unimpressed (still) by "sensor web enablement". You can't truly call this a clear picture of the OGC's SWE because there's actually nothing done by this application that couldn't be done equally as well using (for example) an Atom + GeoRSS syndication architecture with links to structured data slice resources, perhaps even using GET requests to an SOS service, and javascript to display the data. In fact, I think a syndication-based design does it better: you'd also get discovery, permalinks, paging, synchronization, and potential for reuse of the sensor feeds in feed readers and other applications yet to be imagined.

A sensor is just a robo-blogger, right? Let's connect them to the web with blog technology.


Re: Data blogging

Author: Sean

Via Matt Ball, I've come across SensorBase ( from CENS ( CENS is thinking about sensor blogging too, at least metaphorically; SensorBase doesn't use a feed architecture that I recognize. Still, it sure is fun to see curl used.