Nous sommes arrivés à Montpellier

We had an idyllic overnight flight from Denver, long slog through the mirror-world disasters of LHR (nice new terminal, but no jetways or gates, lots of hiking) and CDG (plenty of jetways and gates, dangerously decrepit terminal), and a with only 2 rough bedtimes are comfortably established in Montpellier. My wife, Ruth, has a sabbatical from CSU, a Fulbright, and an appointment at INRA (French equivalent of the USDA, more or less). I'm telecommuting to ISAW. This is our home for the next year.

It's an interesting city. We're in the quartier Les Cévennes which rather reminds me of some Albuquerque neighborhoods: dusty and somewhat scruffy, renting from a pair of teachers who are off on an exchange to Morocco. There's a fine bakery and a good pizzeria down the street, we hear the neighborhood école is excellent, and there's a reliable evening breeze. One trip to a suburban garden store, one trip to a kitchen boutique in the centre for the essential skillet and badass chef's knife, and British Airway's return of my oldest's car seat so we can get safely to the beach, and we'll be completely set for the summer.


Re: Nous sommes arrivés à Montpellier

Author: Benjamin Chartier

Welcome to France.



Author: ReLuc

Welcome in my city! I hope we can meet this year in Montpellier.


Re: Nous sommes arrivés à Montpellier

Author: Sean

Merci, Benjamin. René-Luc: I will send you an email immediately.

Re: Nous sommes arrivés à Montpellier

Author: Jason E. Rist

Je suis jealoux

Re: Nous sommes arrivés à Montpellier

Author: Vincent Heurteaux

hey Sean,

Welcome !

Feel free to come to "La Maison de la Teledetection" to meet us.



Re: Nous sommes arrivés à Montpellier

Author: Sean

Jason: as nice as summer evenings are in the Fort, they're even better here. No mosquitoes! La mer Méditerranée was a little cold this morning, but will be getting warmer. Vicent: I know that neighborhood, having stayed at the Camping Plein Air des Chênes last fall with daily trips past the Agropolis and Zoo.