Generic geometry library

The Generic Geometry Library (via Mateusz Loskot) looks interesting. Algorithms operating on coordinate arrays. Optional geometry classes. Shapely's new plugin framework was motivated by my interest in Python (or Java or .NET) implementations, but a plugin using a C or Cython interface to ggl could be neat.


Re: Generic geometry library

Author: Howard Butler

GGL doesn't really do squat right now. A CGAL or LEDA backend for Shapely would be much more interesting and immediately useful.

Re: Generic geometry library

Author: Sean

It doesn't? Too bad, because I liked the idea algorithms without a lot of class baggage.

Re: Generic geometry library

Author: Mateusz Loskot

I'm not sure what hobu means it doesn't do squat, probably due to lack of proper english understanding ;-)

But answering to the Python thing, I suppose that if GGL will get Python bindings it will be based on Boost Python as GGL is going to be submitted for review and if approved it will join the Boost Libraries.