KML and atom:link

Jason Birch is right in wanting to use rel="alternate" in his KML atom:link, and the OGC KML spec is wrong in limiting us to "rel=related". Andrew Turner has written even more about what you can do with "alternate" links here. I remember commenting that the KML spec's public comment period was a bit short and ill-timed (Christmas 2007). Perhaps this error would have been caught otherwise?

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Re: KML and atom:link

Author: Sean

I don't think that XSD constrains @rel at all. I believe it was probably the intention of the KML spec writers to import all of atom:link and that the language in the OGC KML spec is just erroneous. If developers go to the Atom syntax spec to understand atom:link, they'll be fine.

Re: KML and atom:link

Author: Jason Birch

I checked the schema too, and it didn't appear to place any restrictions. The only reason I ran into this (I don't make a habit of reading specifications) is that Galdos' KML validator picked it up.