The return of the scientist

While I was fiddling with a related blog post, word came out about Obama's appointment of John Holdren to the post of White House science advisor. Holdren's Boston Globe op-ed from the summer is now a must read:

The few climate-change "skeptics" with any sort of scientific credentials continue to receive attention in the media out of all proportion to their numbers, their qualifications, or the merit of their arguments. And this muddying of the waters of public discourse is being magnified by the parroting of these arguments by a larger population of amateur skeptics with no scientific credentials at all.

I'm not sure, but I think he might be talking about you, John Christy and Joe Francica. It looks like we're going to start "counting the bears" in earnest. If Francica was taken aback by Obama's comment on the rancid state of Interior, I fear he may need someone to grab him a fainting couch for this.