Shapely 1.0.8

Paul Winkler and the OpenGeo team found a problem with Shapely and Zope's web server on their 64-bit system, provided the fix, and now here's Shapely 1.0.8. An upgrade is recommended if you're using Zope or a similar framework.


Re: Shapely 1.0.8

Author: Paul Winkler

Hi Sean, thanks for the kind words and getting an official fix out so quickly. I must give credit where due: All the hard gdb sleuthing was led by my coworkers David Turner and Douglas Mayle. I don't have the necessary C/C++ chops to have solved this on my own. Oh, and to clarify, the problem had nothing to do with Zope (or Grok in our case), this upgrade should be good for anyone running on a 64-bit system. I was eventually able to write a standalone script that demonstrated the segfault. The same problem could afflict any python package that uses Ctypes on 64-bit systems without explicitly marking argument and return types.