The Geospatial-Military-Industrial Complex blogs

The got geoint? blog aims to be "fun" and "hip". I'm not the only one who's skeptical. There's no rule of "Web 2.0" that says one must be fun and hip. Grim, steely resolve is fine too. Be yourselves. Perhaps "fun and hip" is cover, but having announced that the blog will be fun and hip, the cover is blown ... or is it? An overly-enthusiastic blog could be cover, deep cover, for something else. I'm just saying. Will it emulate fun and hip security-related blogs like Danger Room, Threat Level, and Boing Boing? Will there be cats and squid -- giant squid with low-light video cameras and microphones -- on Fridays? Satellite imagery of James Fee clipping his toenails on the back doorstep in his plaid flannel bathrobe? YouTube videos of Steve Coast running from drone aircraft, followed by a too-funny post about submitting his futile panicked route to OSM? It's not like the military-industrial complex can't afford the fun that would take a blog to the next level.