C-List and proud of it

Technorati is totally busted for doing this kind of analysis. As I wrote on Gorman's blog, almost all of my blog's "authority" comes from automatic linking in the sidebars of several other blogs, blogs which never ever engage mine in any other way. In sum: Technorati's authority is a worthless measure of my blog's interestingness. Look closely at the authority of other blogs and I'm certain you'll see the same pattern.

Update (2008-09-10): It was all for nothing after all, which is good because the last thing we need is more gatekeepers to the blogosphere.


Re: C-List and proud of it

Author: SeanG

Some of those blogs haven't been updated in months and others are of dubious relation to mapping.

Re: C-List and proud of it

Author: Sean

Uh huh. Don't get me started about the content of these blogs. Any list of top geo-blogs without Paul Ramsey's or Kirk Kuykendall's is pretty sad. But, you see: I'm just about the only one that links to those blogs, and so they have negligible "authority" compared to other more trivial blogs. Technorati can't even deal with my blog move ... my old URL has an authority of ~50 and my current one ~10. It's the same blog (every request redirected), so do I get a total of 60? It's a crappy measure.