On the road

I'm going on a trip next month to help my wife with her meetings at Neobiota, scout for next year's sabbatical, and workshop with the Concordia principals. I'd enjoy meeting up with open source GIS, archaeology, or classics programmers along my route:

  • 24-25 September: Prague, CZ

  • 27-29 September: Colmar, FR

  • 01-08 October: Arles and Montpellier, FR

  • 12-15 October: London, UK

In other words: Praha, Argentorate, Argentovaria, Lugdunum, Arelate, and Londinium, with a side trip to Aquae Sulis. Looks like I could even bump into Andrew Turner.


Re: On the road

Author: Alban

Hi, Lugdunum was Lyon in France. Not Montpellier. Have a nice journey.

Re: On the road

Author: Sean

Right. I added Lugdunum because we have a layover in Lyon while changing trains, and might do a little bit of sightseeing. Montpellier was not, to my knowledge, itself a Roman or Greek settlement.

Re: On the road

Author: Andy P

Sean, Don't forget the visit to 'Suindune' - no, not Roman or Greek, but its Saxon name. We are at the junction of 2 Roman roads, however...

Re: On the road

Author: Sean

And Suindune! Any traces of the roads, Andy? I'd like to see them.