Friends don't let friends use Endnote

Kurt, I have in fact seen mapping integrated with Zotero. Shekhar Krishnan used the GeoNames database to locate items by their place of publication in a demo at THATCamp.


Re: Friends don't let friends use Endnote

Author: steven Citron-Pousty

Alright Sean this time you have stepped over the line - dissing Endnote to people who have gone through the PhD process is sacrilege. I swear, with the early days of Word, Wordperfect, Excel, and other random crashing programs Endnote was rock solid and it did just what you needed. I have about 600 entries in Endnote and still love it's capabilities. I agree that it would be nicer if the datastore was not a locked-up format but still... I may have challenge you to a noodle duel when we finally meet in person.

Re: Friends don't let friends use Endnote

Author: Sean

Steve, my point is that now there is an excellent non-proprietary and open source alternative. It imports your existing Endnote files. I wouldn't be surprised if it integrated nicely with Ubiquity.