REST on the conference circuit 2008

Anything changed since 2007? Yes: REST, the architectural style of the Web, has finally broken through into the "GeoWeb" conference program. The rumored REST track didn't make it, and the agenda remains skewed toward the usual OGC SOA architecture, but 4 out of 66 workshops and papers (of which, to be fair, only about a third cover web services at all) is a nice first step. I assume REST will be a more popular topic at the upcoming ESRI User Conference, but the agenda is so big and the search function too limited to say for sure.

It looks like FOSS4G 2008 has less REST on its agenda than did the 2007 version. That conference website doesn't provide any abstract search at all, so I'd have to scrape it, but only after first obtaining a login. Login to see abstracts ... are you kidding me?

Update (2008-07-09): Josh Livni tipped me that abstracts can now be viewed without login on the FOSS4G conference site, and abstract search seems to have been enabled as well. Using it confirmed my initial impressions: there's no REST on the agenda outside of a geocoding service with a REST API and mention of GeoServer's new REST style administration interface. Other than that, it's back to all W*S, all the time. It looks like the REST session at FOSS4G 2007 was a fluke.


Re: REST on the conference circuit 2008

Author: Andrew Larcombe

Follow the money. Have you ever had a client request a REST API instead of W*S for an application?

Re: REST on the conference circuit 2008

Author: Sean

I understand where you're coming from, and that I'm in a different position with a bit more freedom to choose. Still, the FOSS4G community should be paying closer attention. Google gets it; Microsoft gets it; ESRI gets it; don't be left behind.