This is P. Strictus, perhaps the most beautiful perennial wildflower of the Mountain West, just beginning to bloom today. We've got several of these around the yard, grown from seed I collected near Granby, CO in 2006. The neighborhood bees are also big fans, and last year inspired our little toddler to yell, "the bees are going in the tunnels"! Indeed. I'm rather pleased at how this shot turned out.

In the background you can see a crimson eruption of P. eatonii, a native of the Colorado Plateau.

In other news, my wonderful gig at UNC is up. I've got a break before my next one starts (continuing Pleiades and getting more into digital humanities), and plan to spend some of it on vacation, some of it in the garden, some of it getting back into home brewing (beer for sure, electronics maybe a little), and some of it on cool Web projects.


Re: Penstamonium

Author: mpd

Don't mix electronics and beer!

Re: Penstemonium

Author: Sean

I got an introduction to Arduino at THATCamp and I'm hooked. I can think of a number of ways to use it in a nano-brewery.

Re: Penstemonium

Author: mpd

Electronics first, beer second is OK. The other way round is not so good.