Heads explode as Adena Schutzberg links to the Great Orange Satan.


Re: Pop!

Author: Paul Ramsey

Gotta balance out those global-warming-as-myth postings somehow. Karma will be restored...

Re: Pop!

Author: Allan Doyle

I'd rather have Adena link to more stuff like this than see milquetoast postings. If a blog isn't going to make you think, what good is it? It's not like she endorsed the premise.

Re: Pop!

Author: James Fee

She should have linked to Drudge instead. To be honest it was weird seeing it posted on APB, but the reaction is a little much.

Re: Pop!

Author: Sean

Still popping! They'll have to link to a dozen wacky WSJ op-eds to make up for this.

Re: Pop!

Author: KoS

Not sure why you think it's "popping". There isn't that many comments. Now, if there were dozens, then "popping" could be right. Btw, what do you mean by Great Orange? And, everyone is wacky, it's all a matter of perspective. :) KoS