Emerging Geo Technology

Looks like Andrew Turner's presentation provided the fresh air that Ed Parsons was enjoying. His material looks great and I'd like to see this reprised someday. Getting a bit of credit at the end is gratifying: I'm proud of the work I've done to introduce some of these ideas to the geospatial community.

Still, I think the "mass market geo standards" concept is bullshit. If anyone can explain how framing architectures and architectural styles as consumer products benefits developers and designers, I'm all ears and eyes.


Re: Emerging Geo Technology

Author: Andrew Turner

It's all Verbage. What I may summarize as "Mass Market" is addressing the needs of a Market outside the geospatial industry. Advising and offering geo-capabilities into the formats that are utilized in other realms. This is essentially your work on Atom "Ground State". So you could take the qualifier "Mass" as being "bigger than the small world of the GIS Market". And really, the only people that read this stuff about standards & architectures are consumers of that product: developers. anyways, it's just verbage. onward and upward - and ever spiraling...

Re: Emerging Geo Technology

Author: Sean

No, I think there's more wrong there than just the verbiage.