Dear Jeremy, Dave, Tom, Dan, and the CHNM crew, thank you for having me out for the inaugural THATCamp! I met 50 of the most thoughtful and computer-savvy people in the humanities, many of whom have digital projects that intersect with Pleiades or its technology choices in interesting ways, and all of whom had knowledge and experience to share. Digital humanities newbie me, I tried to soak up as much as I could, and kicked off a useful session on neo-geography featuring great stuff from Mikel Maron (Mapufacture), Josh Greenberg (New York Public Library), and Shekhar Krishnan (MIT).

Here are a few blog posts from other attendees:

Dan Cohen: 1.

Mills Kelly: 1, 2, 3.

Lisa Spiro: 1.

Karin Dalziel: 1.

I'll point to more as I find them.


Re: THATCamp

Author: Dave Lester

Hey Sean, Glad you had a good time! You may also want to add Rob MacDougall's THATCamp post to your list as well ( See you in IRC. Dave

Re: THATCamp

Author: Jeanne

Sean, I have two THATCamp posts so far - with a couple more in the works (at least one of which will be about the GIS/Maps session). Thanks! Jeanne