The Wings of Spring

Nevermind the Swallows of Capistrano: the surest sign of spring is when the Turkey Vultures return to 920 West Mountain Avenue in Fort Collins.

The first arrived yesterday, and today there are 3. Soon there will be 50 or more roosting in that tree.


Re: The Wings of Spring

Author: steven Citron-Pousty

They started staying year round in CT about 6 years ago and then we started getting black vultures - thanks global warming. Hope you don't live too close, that must be quite the smell...

Re: The Wings of Spring

Author: Sean

The stink plume isn't as bad as you'd think, and doesn't quite reach our yard.

Re: The Wings of Spring

Author: Matt Priour

We have an odd phenomenon in Texas where in the praries both species occur year-round. However, in the more heavily wooded South Texas Brushland, Hill Country, & East Texas Forest, the Turkey Vultures are seasonal. In other parts of the state, the Turkey Vultures can also be opportunistic migrators with at least some members of the population remaining year-round. I have yet to really figure out the why of it all. My best guess is the expansion & mixing of once distinct population groups combined with the appearant increased ability of both species to find food in open prarie areas.