ESRI, Developers, REST

Sounds like this REST stuff just might catch on. Resource oriented architecture, state transfer, entity tags ... ESRI is putting the Web back in "GeoWeb". Congratulations to Jeremy Bartley, Keyur Shah, and their team. Meanwhile, here in FOSS4G land, it's a different story. Christopher Schmidt and I have proof-of-concept (or better in the case of FeatureServer) RESTful services, but otherwise it's still all W*S, all the time.


Re: ESRI, Developers, REST

Author: Jason Birch

I don't disagree with you. MapGuide is planning to expose some of its MapAgent API RESTfully with the next release, but our current planning document is a bit wrong (in some important ways, like confusing post and put in a couple places) and in need of work I haven't made time to put into it. Also, there is some argument on how to implement filters. The current RPC-based MapAgent does support non-geo JSON responses (as of 2.0). I don't think that MapGuide will be able to directly support full GeoJSON for feature retrieval because if its insistance on a "one geometry column, called geometry" standard. Haris' original ideas: Bob's original ideas: JSON output RFC: