Feeding Birds Again

Bam! Something just hit the window here. Looking out, I saw this Sharp-shinned Hawk nail a Starling.


I can't decide which feels more liberating: posting amateur bird photos, or writing about electoral politics.


Re: Feeding Birds Again

Author: Matt Perry

A couple weeks ago I watched a red-tail hawk nab a pigeon in mid-flight. The badly-injured pigeon somehow managed to escape, only to meet it's maker when it slammed into my office window. Apparently witnessing bird slaughter is just part of working in the GIS industry.

Re: Feeding Birds Again

Author: steven Citron-Pousty

Down with starlings - death to invasives. Just as an FYI - it is really hard to tell the difference between a Coopers and Sharp-Shinned hawk. They are really close in size especially a female sharp-shinned with a male cooper's. http://www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw/AboutBirdsandFeeding/accipiterIDtable.htm

Re: Feeding Birds Again

Author: Sean

My feelings exactly, Steve. I wonder if a Starling's flavor is as bad as its grooming and manners? I've seen this male (you can just barely make out the orange streaks on the belly in my photo) Sharp-shin around the house fairly often. It's a bit more than half the size of the Coopers. I saw a Goshawk while backpacking in Utah's Henry Mountains in 1987, but not one since.