This Blog is for the Birds

Oh yeah, we get White-crowned Sparrows too, for a week or two later in the Spring.

I want to reassure Paul that I am in fact feeding seeds to the little birds, so here is a picture of McNutty the Red-breasted Nuthatch, which I took just a few minutes ago with my little PowerShot. He's giving me that annoyed look because he spent the night outside at -5F and I'm sticking the camera right in his face. 4 inches away (or approximately 20 centimeters according to my NASA Mars Mission unit conversion table). These little birds are fearless. If I had their agility I probably would be too. Nevermind Spiderman: Nuthatchman could easily kick his creepy arachnoid ass.


Re: This Blog is for the Birds

Author: Jason Birch

Mars Mission unit conversion? I watched Roving Mars with my family at the IMAX in Victoria last weekend. Much better than Titanica :) I was interested that all of the speeds and distances that they were calling out during one of the launch sequences were in miles. No conversion required for those missions apparently... except for those darn foreign audiences. -J