Careful With That Pendulum, Steve

Stick your head in there and you might get clocked. Seriously: REST and web frameworks aren't mutually exclusive at all. Rails prides itself on being RESTful. There's Restlet and others. You don't think that the Google web apps are developed without some framework, do you?


Re: Careful With That Pendulum, Steve

Author: Steven Citron-Pousty

With a team the size and caliber of googles they write their own frameworks - Guice, GWT... Notice though that google went and invented their own frameworks rather than something out of the box. I wasn't try to claim they were inherently mutually exclusive but in practice they tend to be. Finally, that post was more of a trying to get a sense from the community of a conflict I had noticed. Eelco's post did a nice job refuting a bunch of my stuff. This one was more about the conversation than proving a point...

Re: Careful With That Pendulum, Steve

Author: Sean

The older frameworks are seeming older, for sure, but there's no conflict in general between emerging architectural styles and the concept of a framework for implementations.