RESTful Marketecture

That's a great term. Bill de hÓra:

Ascribing REST to the SimpleDb API might be down to lack of knowledge or marketecture; hopefully they'll get the API* sorted out soon, before it gets used heavily.

The GIS industry leader is soon to release new REST stuff. We'll see whether it abuses the architectural style like Amazon does or if it's the real deal.

Update (2007-12-17): from Assaf Arkin:

1999 called, they want their CGI scripts back.

That's more or less how I feel about the OGC WxS service architecture.


Re: RESTful Marketecture

Author: James Fee

I think many folks have great hope that Amazon actually nails this SimpleDB. It will be interesting to see if hey can.

Re: RESTful Marketecture

Author: Paul Ramsey

I hope so, but the problem just got a lot harder for them. In addition to delivering a better technological solution, now they also have to surmount the psychological hurdle of admitting they got it wrong the first time. That's a high bar for most organizations to clear.

Re: RESTful Marketecture

Author: James Fee

How about this Sean? A RESTful version of Amazon's SimpleDB

Re: RESTful Marketecture

Author: Sean

Yep, I saw that one. Assaf Arkin did something similar, with code. People are mystified that Amazon could get this wrong after they got S3 right.