Geo Products Example Buildout

I've made a Plone 3 buildout to get people up and running with reliable versions of PleiadesGeocoder, SpatialIndex, and all their dependencies. You can get it from our repository, build it up, and start it like so:

$ svn co pgx
$ cd pgx
$ python
$ ./bin/buildout -v
$ ./bin/instance start

Create a Plone site through the ZMI, install the PleiadesGeocoder and SpatialIndex products through the Plone control panel, and you're all set to geocode and spatially index content. Unfortunately, it's not going to work on Windows. I haven't even started looking into how to build GEOS or the spatialindex lib on win32.


Re: Geo Products Example Buildout

Author: Howard Butler

GEOS should build just fine on Windows if you use the 3.0 branch. spatialindex is buildable on win32 with cygwin, but I couldn't get it to produce a linkable dll. I think mostly just elbow grease or nmake files is needed to make it go :)