Open Source and Sustainability

Open source software has a big role to play in sustainable development. In the closing session of last month's FOSS4G conference, the committee that will be hosting next year's conference in Capetown (congratulations!) reminded us that the South African government is committed to open source software. Getting locked into buying proprietary seed is not the way to sustainable agriculture, and getting locked into buying boxed proprietary software is not the way to sustainable digital enterprises. Where is the sustainability media on the subject of open source?


Re: Open Source and Sustainability

Author: Guillaume Sueur

not sure that sending most of the attendees on a more than 10 hours flight is the best one can do for sustainable development. Bring your seeds, and plant a tree !

Re: Open Source and Sustainability

Author: Yves Moisan

"sustainable digital enterprises" : I like it. I have been looking for an equivalent of "développement informatique durable" for a while. Guillaume : I see your point, but where would be a location that would minimize the global footprint of attendees, given we can consider this is the only important variable (which of course it isn't) ? And don't forget : folks from down under will want to have their take one day too ;-) Cheers, Yves

Re: Open Source and Sustainability

Author: Sean

I'm with you there, Guillaume, but even if many of the 2007 attendees stayed home for environmental concerns, it's important to have the next event be near to developing countries. The 2003 MapServer Users Meeting triggered growth of the open source GIS community in North America, and FOSS4G 2008 should do the same for Africa.