Pleiades Data Update: Cyrene

Yesterday we uploaded Barrington Atlas places from Cyrene (map 38, the region now known as Libya) to Pleiades. The master collection KML ( now contains over 550 places and is pushing the bounds of manageability. The index which will support fast spatial queries of these places is on the workbench right in front of me. After it's finished, we'll be able to leverage the updating features of Google Earth. In the meanwhile, we have a number of sub-collections, by place type and time period: bridges, temples, ..., archaic, classical, etc.

The Greek city of Cyrene (Roman Claudiopolis) is a massive and interesting site. It's just one half-mile west of our placemark.


Re: Pleiades Data Update: Cyrene

Author: darkblueB

aha, something I can contribute! (surprising to me) In the Google python code called Regionator, there is a script called It 'regionates' your large kml. (try it) Each piece is editable, of course...

Re: Pleiades Data Update: Cyrene

Author: Tom Elliott

A couple of folks have enquired about accuracy and precision in this data because, at high zoom, some placemarks fall outside the obvious central areas of some visible sites. In a future upgrade we'll be including that sort of metadata in our KML (and doing some symbolization changes to communicate it visually), but meantime: Pleiades Data Precision and Accuracy.