The Petty Bureaucrats of Wikipedia

Here's one for James Fee and all the other Wiki-haters: Rise of the Wikicrats. Apparently, once the crowd to which you are outsourcing grows large enough, it may spawn a class of self-appointed bureaucrats who are more concerned about the process than the results. I don't think it is inevitable, but something that other efforts should try to monitor.

For what it's worth, I have another anecdote. A colleague of mine attempted to start a Wikipedia page on the "Digital Classicist" forum and community [history] and was made to jump through hoops by an editor whose Bachelor of Arts in Classics made them an expert in this area, and whose professed "Chaotic Neutral alignment" jibes poorly with his or her bureaucratic practices.


Re: The Petty Bureaucrats of Wikipedia

Author: Allan

Homeostasis creep. The internal stability that gets maintained changes over time as people come and go. It's not just wikipedia. It's any organization made up of individuals. Over time, the ideals of the founders are supplanted by the evolving groupthink of subsequent waves of participants. Maybe it's time people started writing their bits and pieces elsewhere and leave wikipedia to the bureaucrats. Let's give it a catchy name. Blogworld. Blogcube. Blogsphere. Oh. Hey! Blogosphere!!