That's not Agile Geography

Looks like the standards architects are not going for the KML + Atompub idea after all.


Re: That's not Agile Geography

Author: Chris Holmes

On the contrary, if Atompub makes it in I don't think that it'd need to be relegated to the 'services' module. I think that's the beauty of using it, you'd just need an atom link that lets you edit, as you pointed out. And Andrew's blog posts are just now caught up to where we got at the kick off meeting, which was before your suggestion of atompub+kml. Doing KML editing is outside the scope of work of the testbed, but a number of us are excited to think about it and to experiment. It should also be noted that the notion of services in Andrew's post are not limited to the ones listed there, and indeed we're actively looking for more use cases. The initial use cases were focused around replacing Context documents, which have no notion of editing at all.