Shorter Sebastian Good

Let's you and him fight. Nevertheless, I always enjoy Sebastian's writing.


Re: Shorter Sebastian Good

Author: Sebastian Good

I suppose some of my, er, florid prose, makes it sound like it's an either/or Galdos/XML versus PROJ4/REST thing sometimes, like the rest of the overhyped SOAP/REST fracas. But really the point is there are lots of spatial reference formats flying around all the time, and a global service that admits that seems more useful to me than a global service that provides perfect GML to an imaginary projection engine. Even nicer would be for the Illuminatii (OGC, EPSG, ISO) (does Illuminati have a plural...?) to hang out at some of the seedier open source bars and build an infrastructure that everyone can use... so the GIS department can go the way of the VARCHAR2 department and it's easy for programmers to get things right geodetically. Seriously, how expensive could it possibly be to build a new projection engine and give it away to the world?

Re: Shorter Sebastian Good

Author: Sean

VARCHAR department! That still cracks me up.