KML Module: Atom

Since my employer isn't a member of the OGC, I'm stuck with blogging my ideas about KML in the hopes that they strike a chord with some insider and thereby tunnel through into the smoke-filled rooms where our industry standards are made.

Andrew Turner wrote the other day about KML modules and listed five: core, styling, 3d, metadata, and services. I'd like to see the core divided one more time. All the KML elements that overlap with Atom need to be factored into a module of their own. This means name, description, atom:author, and atom:link. An Atom module would help developers implement Atompub clients and services by marking a clear boundary between media and metadata elements.


Re: KML Module: Atom

Author: Jason Birch

Well, there's always #kml ... but you might end up talking to yourself since it hasn't been advertised :)