Going Big

I'm throwing a party this weekend featuring my most ambitious ever grill-roasting enterprise: whole leg of pig with citrus marinade and sauce. Last weekend we made a practice run with a beef rib roast -- you must try this if you eat beef -- and it came out perfectly. The pig itself was raised naturally and locally, on a farm not a factory, and is mighty tasty. It's leg has been marinating since yesterday in a bath of peppery, sugary, zesty lime-orange juice. I'll spare my vegetarian readers the pictures.

I almost wrecked this party before it began. My wife asked how long it would take to cook. I said that it would be about 30 minutes per pound, or roughly 5 hours. She insisted on weighing the leg using a scale (I'd simply hoisted it and guessed), and we discovered that I'd underestimated it's mass: 15 pounds was going to require more like 7.5 hours!

What to drink with it? Something pink, of course.