The "GeoWeb Ecosystem"?

I'm stalking the "GeoWeb" buzzword via Technorati and found this prime specimen, which takes it to the next level with "GeoWeb Ecosystem". Most of my offline friends are ecologists, and they talk about little else, so I'm steeped in ecology and sensitive to the use of ecosystem in marketing.

If Google is the primary source of the "GeoWeb Ecosystem", then it's a pretty limited and fragile ecosystem. Like the organisms living off hydrogen sulfide leaking from a deep-sea vent, we must huddle closely around an API, pray to Neptune that it doesn't shut off, and dream of brighter, richer realms.


Re: The "GeoWeb Ecosystem"?

Author: Matthew Giger

Ha! I love it. You forgot to mention being completely in the dark.

Re: The "GeoWeb Ecosystem"?

Author: Brian Timoneyu

I only want to huddle with GIS Certified Specialists. And maybe a cute sales rep. BT