The Future of Geo-Blogs and Advertisement

So, everybody has linked to Bruce Sterling's recent piece for Wired, but it seems like nobody agrees with me that the best part is right at the top where he sends up geobloggers and the way they (in the future) shill for shiny toys:

My new Sensicast-Tranzeo 3000 is everything palmtops and cell phones have been struggling to become. I can already feel this device completely changing my life. And a wireless consortium pays me to promote it! You should buy one right now. See that handy link there? Did I mention the free shipping? This mobile is so location-aware, it can ship itself!

I wonder if Sterling isn't reading Planet SpaceNavigator/N95/iPhone.


Re: The Future of Geo-Blogs and Advertisement

Author: Fantom Planet

He's the offspring of Glenn and Frank!!!

Re: The Future of Geo-(Blogs and )Advertisement

Author: Luistxo Fernandez

Global geo-ads are here, btw.