GeoSummit Agenda

Update: More from Peter Batty, John Spinney, and Chris Haller.

While some topics are being hashed out on our Google page, the actual schedule remains to be decided Saturday on-the-fly. My ultimate goal is to help merge all the cool agendas people bring, but I have a few of my own.

Bank on me to mount my RESTful GIS hobby horse and start tuning up my arguments for the FOSS4G conference. I'd also like to help lead discussion about non-traditional data models and storage in the context of my Pleiades site. I know that I'm not the only one with data that doesn't fit in a single feature table. Maybe this could potentially lead into a data management or stewardship (a hot topic recently) session.

I'm looking forward to reducing my ignorance about mobile GIS and location-based services. I missed the Churchill navigation system demo at a recent Front Range Pythoneers meeting, and hope to get one at the GeoSummit. I hear they're making great use of Google Earth at the NSIDC, and I expect that will be a part of at least one big virtual globe session.

I'll see you there. Saturday, 16 June.