Nice! Another food and drink (beer, at least) and GIS blogger. It doesn't seem like we'll agree on software at all, but I couldn't agree more about the goodness of Dogfish Head brews. I haven't had the Black and Blue yet, but it seems like it's right up my alley.


Re: Geo-Zymurgy

Author: sean mcginnis

Hey Sean, Thanks for the link... I do not think we are all that different. My background comes from a NPO background and trying to find any which way to get the information out there. I love finding other options out there and trying to find a new way to accomplish something. Do I think we are using different software packages to accomplish the same thing, yes. But I do not think we would disagree on software choices. To me software is just a tool, and if there is a better tool to do something, then I would gladly use that tool. My tool cart in my garage would definitely prove that logic. Right now, I see a lot of opportunity for ESRI software (no matter what users may think of them) to meet people's needs. The company I work for is an ESRI Business Partner, we were actually the Business Partner of the Year in the Philly Region. But we are a very client-centric organization. Whatever their needs are, we will meet them with whatever tools they need to let them get their job down. So if Dogfish Head is your brew of choice, I think we would have a great time sitting down and yapping. Have a great weekend and I hope we cross paths. Keep an eye on my blog, I just ran to the beer store and got a bunch of tasty beers... Cheers. -sean